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Join Super CUTE Owl Swap
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swap Coordinator:
angeliams (contact)
Swap categories:
Card Making Challenges Crafts
Number of people in swap:
Number of people watching:
Regional - USA
Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:
June 10, 2010
Date items must be sent by:
June 30, 2010
Number of swap partners:
For this swap We are going to send each other SUPER CUTE Owl items They can be bought or handmade, Just be sure there CUTE owls...
Here is a list of things you can send
Note Cards
Note books
Houseware items
Purses/Wallets/Coin purses
other items you may think of, if you think of other items and not sure its ok to send please ask
Please pick 3 Items, you may send extras to get your heart... Just have fun with this swap!! We all LOVE Cute owls I cant wait to see the outcome of this swap!! you must have a 4.9 to join this swap, this is USA only Please No Flakers!!!!

Posted by Angelia


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Time 2 Vent!
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ok i am PISSED off!! Today was pay day @ work right, and our boss had to leave so she was going to get our assisted Admin. to pass our checks.. then she like o I got to get my son! I was are u giving us our checks? and she like prob not till I get back! Its was twenty till three our time to get off and time to get r checks. So I got pissed and walked off normaly i would of talked bad but I got in trouble for this before (she always tells on me!) well some other people where talking shit to her... and we just got camera's @ work to. So I didnt say shit! Well some of the res. told our boss we all had attitudes bout r checks and where cursing! I never said one bad word! Well my boss called me and asked what all happened! I told her what I said but was like I was not really listing to the others! I am not a snitch!!! lol But I am mad she also said the assisted admin also told her things man I cant stant that little BITCH! Sorry for my bad mouth but Im so mad! And my boss was like well I will just look @ the cameras.. I was like that fine with me I told u all I did!! I hate that dam place! UGGGHHHH!And also while @ work one the res. came yelling up hall saying I need my meds I was like ok I will get them and she went to smoke so I waited like five mins then went to get them out! Then i heard her say wheres my meds I was in med room and was getting them I told her then her sis came in there yelling u aint got time to get ur meds... and i walked out they was gone, again I got in trouble 4 this! man im so tiered of this shit! I am so bout to start looking for another job! And me and my boyfriend are fighting to over some dumb stuff! Man what a day!
Posted by Angelia

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Cute snacks for my son!!
Monday, May 24, 2010

Not sure if all you knew but I love bento... I love making cute things for my kids.... So I made a some little snacks today for my son... He loved watching me get this together! he kept saying Mommy hurry I want to eat it!! LOL.... I will try to get back to making bento meals..

Orential snacks, P&J Sushi,Cheeze its, Chocolate goldfish & Gushers!! Yummy:)Posted by Angelia


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Started a new swap on Swap-bot... Take a look and hope you all will join!!
~Kawaii Deco Tape Samples~
Swap-bot swap: ~Kawaii Deco Tape Samples~
I swap with Swap-bot!
Swap Coordinator:
angeliams (contact)
Swap categories:
Number of people in swap:
Regional - usa
Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:
May 31, 2010
Date items must be sent by:
June 14, 2010
Number of swap partners:
Thought I would start a new kawaii swap since its been awhile since i have... This is a simple,easy one... You need to have a good rating... Please do not join if your a flaker or a NO sender!! I will check profiles :)
We all know how to do deco tape samples.. If you do not know how please message me and I will explain how to do them!!
Only send kawaii, San-x,Sanrio, Hello Kitty the real deal no fakes... You will have one partner to send to.. this is Usa only. Send 9 Deco samples to your partner.. (use big or small deco tapes) make it go around at least 5 times. You may send extras if you like. Hope you all will join in

Posted by Angelia

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My Sister's Graduation!!
Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am so proud of my little sister! She had her graduation today! Wow she is getting so grown up and so pretty too! Well i had to b @ her school @ 9am this morning! And its bout a hr drive away! So woke up late lol but I made it! It was so packed we had no where to sit!!! and could hardly see! But i seen her when she went up.... Then after wards we had a family get together and I took pics!!Some real good ones to!!! We had hamburgers,hot dogs,baked beans,potato salad and I made the family Las.. (it came out very yummy as always!! lol) The kids had fun also today, I even let my sis drive my car to the bath rooms LOL! I was a little nervous riding with her!! But she did pretty good!! Check out the pics!!

Posted by Angelia


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Another day....~~>
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well another day... I had to work today... Got up late as always! LOL got ready got the kids up Ciera rode with floyd this morning I took Christian, I was like 15 mins late for work! But it was ok.... Right after breakfast @ work i went out to smoke and started bustin my butt @ my showers got done in a hr.. gave 4 of them I normaly dont start on them for about a hr after breakfast so I was done by 9 this morning and got things ready for lunch, after work I picked up my son and had to run to the store to get a few things then got my daughter and headed home.... I going through a few things right now I do not want to talk about so it was a little bit of a upsetting day:( but i will b ok I hope...
I joined two swaps today my first ones I joined in like a yr or two lol so trying to get back to doing a few of them.... I am excited not any big ones right now but will b nice to do a few. If you have never swapped you should its lots of fun i swap @

here are the two i joined:
This swap is for people that like kawaii/ cute stationery and want a new penpal =)
Send a handwritten letter about yourself (a basic first letter, with your name, age, were you live, what you like, deslike, your pets, family, and anything you fell like writing about), 2 pages minimum (1st page = front, 2nd page = back or another front), on cute paper (it can be a letter set with matching papers and envelope or just memo sheets and a nice envelope, no need to match but both must be cute)
The paper you will write on don't have to be accordingly to your partner's personal taste but would be nice if you could check the profile and keep it in mind when writing the letter.
Extras are not required but everybody likes a treat, so you can send stickers, memo sheets, letter sets, bookmarks, etc. if you want, and maybe get a heart ^^
Don't forget to include swap name and your swap-bot user so you can be properly rated. And don't forget to rate your partner when you receive the letter, and send a reply if you really want a penpal ;)

Without reaching far (talk about lazy!) I've collected 30 large memo sheets, 30 mini memos sheets and 30 flake stickers off my desk. (Life is gooooood!!) (And think what I might collect if I managed to actually move!)
SO! Here's the swap: (in case you couldn't guess) 30 large memo sheets, 30 mini memo sheets and 30 flake stickers. 90 pieces total...because you can never have too many smiling ramen bowls.

Posted by Angelia

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Been Awhile n new look
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello all!! yes its been awhile... and got a new look and update on my blog, deleted some things also.. lol I am now back online seems been so long!! But just been so busy with things have not really had time for none of it!! But I going to try to keep it updated here and let u all know whats going on in my life!! ok here we go.. Im still in process of my divorce, but that will b over real soon... I am dating a new guy name floyd we been dating about 7 months now.. he is everything i ever wanted.

He has never been married and does not have any kids. But mayb one day we will b married and have a baby~ :) ya never know!! my Kids just love him to death, and he is really great to them, something they needed cause we all know there dad is no kind of farther to them and hardly spends any time with them.. Floyd spends allot of time with them when he is not working or doing things around the house and what not. So I think I got a keeper!! :) lol

The kids still go to there dads every other wkend on my wkends i work. I get my Child support when he has the money.. so not every wk like i should. but we will be ok!~ My Stress levels have calmed down some since i am finally now feeling a little content with my life.. The kids are getting so big! Ciera is almost out for summer break. Christian is mean as ever! They fight and arrgue all the time! But hey its normal.. I GUESS!! haha Ciera was playing baseball she was very very good but I just took her off the team she was playing with very small kids.. she should of been in the older age group. But she is fixing to join a cheer camp thing she cant wait!! Classes are only $7.00 per wk.. plus uniforms and stuff it last about 12-14 wks she will have fun.... They both just got hair cuts... how do u like Christians!? I will have to add a pic of Ciera's hair cut too. I am still working @ the same place which that places drives me so crazy sometimes!! I want to scream! I am hoping to go back to school soon.. Once floyd and i figure some things out... And im super happy about having my room/office set back up so I can now get online whenever i am able. so Please check back on updates!!! Hope all the mommys out there had a nice mothers day!! I had to work but picked kids up after work and they bought me some roses!! It was sweet and my boyfired got me a really sweet card and some flowers too!! Will write again soon!!! jope everyone has a nice wk!

Posted by Angelia

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Taking it one day at a time, Says it all!! This blog is not some sweet, cute blog.. It's the real thing on life and the crazyness,sadness and happyness in it... This blog may offend you.. I am not trying to do that but im going to speake the real honest truth on LIFE! If you dont like things I have to say please don't read.. if you are like me and know about what type of real things we all go though feel free to comment! But yes I will have some cute things on here!! >__<
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